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Dr Elsa Suckle

DSM-5 and challenges to female autism identification

Autism is often undiagnosed, mis-diagnosed, or missed in girls and women leading to considerable mental wellbeing challenges in this population. This short letter on female autism identification questions whether the current diagnostic criteria for Autism in DSM-5 matches the presentation of autism in females. The article highlights how factors such as masking,
diagnostic overshadowing, and environmental differences aggregate difficulties in identifying autism in females and sets out guidelines for how to improve the diagnostic process to counter these factors.

Carly Jones MBA

Safeguarding autistic girls

This honest, to-the-point guide illuminates the experience of young Autistic girls and explores the situations they can easily fall victim to. Powerful case studies show how easily misunderstandings can arise for Autistic girls and help the reader to identify common patterns of abuse. Providing professionals with access to safeguarding strategies that are straightforward to implement and highly effective, this is essential reading for everyone who wants to better understand the challenges faced by this vulnerable group, and ensure they have access to the same opportunities to secure a good education and build safe and happy relationships as their peers.

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