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Whether you’re a professional wanting to upskill your knowledge, a student looking to gain valuable insight and skills to build confidence for university, or a parent wanting the knowledge and awareness to support your learner through university, we are confident you will find subjects that might be of interest. Our programs are developed from a range of diverse and expert voices in mental health, autism and ADHD in the UK and internationally, and include lived experiences from our autistic and ADHD students.
We offer bespoke versions of all courses and workshops featured on the website which are tailored to the needs of the education sector.


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New knowledge, New skills, Stay Inspired

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Gain understanding and learn new skill on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing


Most relevant resources and advice on how best to support your learner at University and beyond


At Optimum we’ve used our 20 years’ experience supporting students to bring you engaging, informed, evidence-based practice training that integrates the best research evidence of clinical expertise and professional knowledge, on the subjects that matter the most. Our in-house training team designs and develops high-quality courses and resources in the fields of mental health, education, neurodiversity, and student wellbeing.

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